Understanding Cancer Cells and Their Stages and Levels

Unlike normal cells in the body, cancer cells grow quickly, uncontrollably. To follow the development of cancer cells, can be seen by stage or stage. The level of stage in cancer is a picture to measure how much the growth of cancer cells, and the extent of the spread of cancer cells from the place of origin. Examination to determine the stage in cancer patients is very important to do, because this will help doctors to assess the condition of the cancer and find out how far these abnormal cells develop in the body. After the stage of the cancer is known, the doctor can determine the appropriate treatment plan. Understanding how cancer cells grow and their stages and levels will help you get a picture of the general course of cancer. Cell and Cancer Occurrence The human body consists of trillions of cells. Over time, these cells will age, damage, die, and no longer function. Healthy cells will grow and divide regularly to replace damaged, old, or dead cells, so that the body can
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